L.G. Vedenina


Dictionary of linguistic and regional studies as Thesaurus of words of culture

Dictionary of linguistic and regional studies is a bilingual guide into linguistic realities of one cultural co community and their interpretation by linguistic culture. The following article sets the principles of arrangement of the dictionary of linguistic and regional studies "France", published in Moscow in I997.It contains 7000 entries and is intended primarily, though by no means exclusively, for Russian-speaking users Words of culture comprise names of various objects, notions and concepts which are not used in a different aspect by the representatives of Russian linguistic culture.

The systematization of these words defining the peculiarity of historical and economic development of France, its moral, intellectual and artistic values gives the possibility to reveal , basic features of French mentality.

Studies on the peculiarities of French mentality are completed by the facts of the linguistic picture (the French-Russian divergence in naming things).




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