International Conference "Cognitive Modeling"

September, 17-19, 1999. Pushchino (near Moscow), Russia

The conference is organized by Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence, Computing Center of Russian Academy of Science, University of Pushchino and ?Web Journal of Formal, Computational and Cognitive Linguistics¦.

The aim of the conference is joining efforts in research of cognitive processes of researchers in the fields of cognitive linguistics, learning theory, neural networks, cognitive psychology, knowledge engineering.

The reports on the following themes (but not only listed) are welcome: cognitive models in linguistics, psycholinguistics, language and thought, models of cognitive processes in neural networks, cognitive models of thought and memory, cognitive models of learning and self-learning, semantic and pragmatic, language acquisition, language and culture.

The size of a paper is not limited. The papers could be presented in English or Russian, in the later case an abstract in English is required. Please, send your papers by e-mail. Next formats are acceptable: MS_Word, RTF, PostScript, plain text.

The deadline for the papers is September, 1, 1999. Please.

Please, send your papers by e-mail both to "" and "".

Post address: Russia, 420140, Kazan, Fuchika str., 127-88.
Phone: (8432) 624252 (home).

Program committee chair Valery Solovyev