December 10-20, 2001

Second call for papers

On-line conference "Neurocognitive bases of language" is going to be held on December 10th to 20th 2001.

The conference is organized by Kazan State University and "Web Journal of Formal, Computational & Cognitive Linguistics"
Papers on all aspects of neurolinguistics and cognitive linguistics, modeling of development and language acquisition, neurophilosophy and brain-imaging studies of language processes are welcome.

All the papers will be published on the Web site of the conference. Discussions and comments to the papers presented are also welcome. The proceedings of the conference will be available via Internet in the Journal and on CD.


Paper selection and review procedures are similar to those of a regular conference. Abstracts and papers must be posted by e-mail to . The first 3 lines of the message should consist of

        Your name
        Your email address
        The title of the paper in one line

Attach a brief abstract up to 15 lines in plain ASCII code in English and a paper. A paper must be presented in plain ASCII, PDF, PostScript or MS Word RTF formats. Please, use standard font types, preferably Times New Roman, 12 is the recommended size. Length of the paper is not limited. The language of the conference is English.

Our time-frame is:

Deadline for papers: November 1, 2001

Final program announced: December, 1, 2001

The on-line conference will be carried out on the NEUROLING mailing list that has been created for that purpose. To subscribe to this list, send the following message to :

SUBSCRIBE NEUROLING Your-email-address

Once you have received confirmation of your subscription, you may send messages to . A record of all received messages will be maintained on a specific Web page at the conference site. Everyone subscribed to the list will receive these messages. If you wish to leave the list, send the following message to


At the end of the conference participants will be automatically removed from the NEUROLING list.
Your address will not be used in any commercial advertising purpose.

Valery Solovyev
Editor of the "Web Journal of Formal, Computational & Cognitive Linguistics"
Kazan State University, Dep. Computer Science, Kazan, 420008, Russia