Speech Synthesis and Analysis

Proccedings of electronic conference
October 16-26, 1997

  1. TTS Synthesis For Russian Language
    Olga Krivnova (okri@philol.msu.ru),Nina Zinovieva (nina@philol.msu.ru), Leonid Zaharov (leon@philol.msu.ru),Grigoriy Strokin(grg@philol.msu.ru), Aleksey Babkin (avb@science.park.ru)
    Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
  2. Plain text, English

  3. On analysis of hearing patterns of a speech signal
    A.I.Egorov, V.V.Dubrovski
  4. Abstract in English PDF

  5. Compilative synthesis of Tartar speech
    Davletchina G., Ibragimov T., Salimov F., Khusainov R.
  6. Plain text,English

  7. NL-Processor in a Speech Recognition System
    Michael G. Malkovsky vlabr@cs.msu.su
    Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
  8. Plain Text

  9. The Bell Laboratories Russian Text-To-Speech Sustem
    Elena Pavlova, Yuriy Pavlov, Richard Sproat, Chilin Shih, Jan van Santen
  10. Bell Labs -- Lucent Technologies

    HTML in English

  11. Visible Speech: analysis, synthesis and application in deaf education
    Kupchinaus S.Ju., Gitlin V.B., Korobeinikova I.V.
    Software Dpt. Udmurt State University,
    Computers Dpt. Izhevsk State Technical University
    (abstract in English)
  12. Abstract In English PDF


FROM Richard Sproat
FROM Olga Krivnova:
FROM: Valery Solovyev
FROM: Richard Sproat
FROM: Richard Sproat
From: Olga Krivnova
From: Olga Krivnova
From: Davletchina.
FROM: Richard Sproat
Final remarks from Richard Sproat

Here is available simple program and character sets for encoding from/to various character sets


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