Web Journal of Formal,Computational & Cognitive Linguistics

The aim of the journal is to unite the efforts of linguists and computer scientists
in studying natural language using precise methods.
The journal contains articles on original completed research,
reviews, short notes about current research work and information on scientific events.

The journal has the following divisions:

The FCCL is published only on Web and it is available free via Internet.

Call for papers

Dear colleague, here is the place for your paper.

If you want your paper to be refereed by the editors, and admitted to the main part of the journal as an official paper, send a letter to FCCL.editors@ksu.ru
Specify «paper» as subject of your letter.
Other letters to the editorial board can also be sent to FCCL.Editors@ksu.ru; just specify some other subject.
To publish your paper in the preprint archive, just send the letter to FCCL.preprints@ksu.ru
Specify «preprint» as a subject of your letter.
The body of the letter must contain an abstract (see example).
All files constituting your paper must be attached to the letter.

Currently papers in English and Russian are admitted. English is preferable. In both cases a paper must contain an abstract typed in English where you should specify information about the paper, the author(s) and keywords :

A paper can be presented in one of the following formats:

HTML format is preferable since admitted papers in HTML format will be published as a WWW page linked to the home page of FCCL, other papers will be available to readers as ftp resources. Electronic references (if any) must conform to URL format. Any pictures included with HTML must be supplied as JPEG (.JPG) or .GIF files. HTML documents can also include JAVA applications.
Special symbols must be explicitly specified rather than encoded in a national codepage. For example, in HTML document use sequence β to present β greek beta, Ü to present Ü.
Papers in Russian must be typed in Russian codepage 1251 (cyrillic codepage for Windows)

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The «Web Journal of Formal, Computational & Cognitive Linguistics» accepts papers on the following (but not only) topics:



Dr. Valery Solovyev
Kazan University, Russia, Solovyev@tatincom.ru

Honorary Editor:

Professor Noam Chomsky

Editorial Board:


Currently the Web Journal of Formal,Computational & Cognitive Linguitics is available only via Internet as a WWW resource.
Please, contact editor if you are interested to receive complete CD-ROM copy of the journal.

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