Nina Kolodina
Foreign Languages Department, Tambov State Technical University
Aleksey Yefimenko
Foreign Languages Department, Tambov State Technical University
The paper focuses on the research of the structural adjustment of a man's knowledge. The man's structural knowledge is demonstrated as the collection of the knowledge units. These units are the minimum units of knowledge structure which are the building material of the cognitive combinations - notions in the process of comprehension. In the paper the knowledge structure, which is organized according to the steady connections of the knowledge units and submitted to the logic coincidence as to moduses of perceiving (tactile, geometrical, graphical, smelling, touching) is shown. The hypothesis about the simultaneous information coding through eye-sight, hearing, smelling and touching in the form of minimum units is checked by the experimental research. According to the experiments the students were proposed to describe some notions. Results of the experiments showed the receiving information was registered in moduses through eye-sight, hearing, smelling, touching and the steady connections were revealed among them. Research of the individual's structure knowledge revealed that there are strong small units and weak small unites, which are activated in the thoughtful process and take part in the formation of any notion. The process of comprehension is due to the activated strong units in the individual's structure knowledge and only these strong activated units allow the individual to form a notion. In the paper the program describing the connections between the units is shown. The program is written on the language C++ with using MFS and graphical library Open GL. The given program realizes the three-dimensional representation of connections between the notions and the moduses elements. With starting of the program the downloading and representation of the main moduses and some its elements by default are carried out. Interface is divided into three parts: the field for representation of elements and connections (the right part of the program window), the panel of controlling (the left part of program window) and the program menu.

Нина Колодина
Кафедра иностранных языков Тамбовского государственного технического университета
Алексей Ефименко
Кафедра АПТО Тамбовского государственного технического университета
В статье представлены исследования по структурному представлению знаний человека. Приведены результаты экспериментов по проверке гипотезы об одновременном кодировании информации через несколько каналов восприятия (зрение, слух, обоняние и осязание)в форме минимальных единиц.