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Dear colleaque,
Electronic journal "Web Journal of Formal, Computational & Cognitive Linguistics"
is going to held an on-line conference "Speech synthesis and analysis" at October 16-26, 1997.

All the materials will be put on the Web site of the Journal.
At the end of the conference all the materials presented are to be published in the Journal. The editorial board of the Journal is in charge for all reviewing & moderation.

Paper selection and review procedures will be similar to those of a regular conference. All text must be in ASCII.
Papers must be send to speech@ksu.ru
The first 3 lines of the message should consist of
Your name
Your email address
The title of the paper

Our time-frame is:
Deadline for papers: September 15, 1997
Final program announced: October 10, 1997

Participation in the on-line conference will be carried out on the mailing list "speech" that has been created for that purpose. To subscribe to this list, send the following message to Majordomo@ksu.ru

SUBSCRIBE speech YourE-Mail
For example:
SUBSCRIBE speech brother@warners.com

Once you have received confirmation of your subscription, you may send messages to speech@ksu.ru, and you will automatically receive all new messages sent to the list and approved by moderator. A record of all messages received will be maintained on a specific Web page at the conference site. Participants may send their comments and questions by means of the Speech List. Everyone subscribed to the list will receive these messages
If you wish to leave the list, send the following message to speech@ksu.ru:

UNSUBSCRIBE speech e-mail.
At the end of the conference, participants will be automatically unsubscribed from the speech mailing list.


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